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A Gift

Bury the sublime
The unparalleled emotion
Of soaring freedom
All but ephemeral
In its addictive sweetness
Bury it deep
So as not to dwell
On what is no longer
Where it can be kept safe
Indebted to the universe
Our paths crossed
I can savour the all consuming joy
In a heartbeat
The connection never ceases
I soar in the sublime.

Let’s Go Home

Conversations of the other shoppers
ebb away
I notice
your long sleek black hair
falling over your tanned bare shoulders,
your hands
pressed against the cold glass refrigerator door
bearing the weight of your day,
your eyes searching
for more than just your favourite wine
for release, peace.
catch my reflection in the glass
transfixed by your prostrated body,
you know that look
of rising desire
and heat,
you no longer want wine
but sweet release
I walk toward you with clear intent
assured you are waiting,
“Let’s go home”

The Shadow of my Sorrow

In the shadow of my sorrow 
     I wander aimlessly caressing 
     the loving echo of your memory
            your laughter, your scent

holding in my arms of remorse
a hard but necessary decision
     I swaddle you in tenderness 

light emanates for a sweet moment 
before my arms grow heavy and 
     I return to the shadow


Journal – A close call

I almost made a terrible mistake. The mistake would have been becoming re-involved with a past lover. It didn’t work the first time for sound reasons; we are fundamentally two very different people. I’d conveniently forgotten about those differences in trying to get through underlying anxiety of being single. I was at the point of saying “yes I can give this another go” we planned spending time together and taking a road trip at Xmas. Then like a bombshell my memory kicked in and everything came to a screeching halt. I don’t like who she is. I don’t accept the way she treated me or my daughters. Nothing has changed. I’d rather remain single than enter into something unhealthy purely out of loneliness. Loneliness is a state of mind. I have recently chosen to be believe i’m lonely and the quiet anxiety I sometimes feel is a child of this self perception. If I created the whole situation then I can also dismantle the situation. That is exactly what I will do.


When you leave,
weary of me,
without a word a shall let you go

Kim Sowol


New beginnings

and old fanatics
A whirlwind for the senses
You know you’re alive
One holds excitement
and promise
The other resentment
and stasis
Never allowing
to move and regenerate
It becomes easier
to let the past be
To fold in upon itself
until nothing more exists
But the new
demands attention and rightly so
Life in full animation
tastes so sweet







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