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Karmic Ruin

Mothers beware
Your maternal sins
Bide their time
As sons grow into men
The role of dutiful son;
the singular fatherly inheritance
His masculinity a life long performance
Of karmic violence
Without mirrors
There can be no reflection
No understanding
No compassion
Bitterness unleashed
On the old frail woman
Bewildered and hurt
Unable to challenge or run
She can only sit and absorb
The volcanic eruption
He cannot see
Ageing insists
The woman before him
Be understood differently
Without memories
She is not the same
Each sunrise is new
What happened in the past
Is the past
To understand this
Is to let go of the ruin
And forgive



Abbott pronounces
Aboriginal homelands
Are a lifestyle choice
And all services will be closed
Acquirement of land title pivotal
Abbott bludgeons
Aboriginal voices,protest
All too easily swept aside
Aboriginal representation
As history repeats has no place
Abbott fortifies
Australia remains terra nullius
A white multicultural homeland
And an approximation of democracy



clock ticking
rain dripping
birds nestled under the leaves
calling to one another
I’m here, I’m safe
wet lush and green
the rain nourishes and heals
subtly commanding reverence
movement and mood naturally adjusts
why do we keep insisting
we have the power


The Palace and Pride

“The individual cannot bargain with the State. The State recognizes no coinage but power: and it issues the coins itself.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed

community politics
on the kindling
of self interest
no manifesto
all passion
two worlds
new order
& old masters
for what?
razor sharp words
rip apart
what dares to grow
change or challenge
A community status quo…
grand royal place
to A community
testosterone filled memories
will write into history
The Palace
aging and stayed
it has always been a commodity
profit over people
now a corporate acquisition still run by queers
hungry to broaden the market
the profit
the community
G for gender
privilege curtailed;
no questions or answers

G for government
cultural sponsor
commercial exposure
accusations fly
treachery, sleeping with the enemy, sucking up
all the community
took a hit…
board politically raw
spirit of Pride
bestowing honorary queer
on straight conservative politician
lost, we forgot
no protest
a rainbow motorcade
watch your language and how you dress
we must look respectable
did He pay (to get in)?
we did
no community outrage
no raised voices
a game
we were all players
two tales
of self determination
wherever you look and listen
a constant community concern

alas we dream
liberation from the authoritarian restraint of government; liberation from social conformity in free association producing real social common wealth for all in our community

dare to be different



Feminist Tony (senryu)



Male feminist
Tony understands women
he’s three of his own



“…During the International Women’s Day Breakfast in Canberra yesterday, Tony Abbott claimed that his wife and three daughters have helped him become a feminist…. … In reality, all he has done is show that he supports binary gender roles and reflect bias towards white middle class working women in his policies. While the Coalition paid parental leave scheme may be good for Australian women who want to take time off work to have children, it does nothing for career orientated women who may experience set backs in their jobs if they take six months of the year off. On the contrary, Abbott’s policy encourages professional women to stay at home to look after new born children while their male colleagues increase their job prospects. Not to mention the role the policy plays in reinforcing inequality between high and low socioeconomic groups of women.”  Read the whole article Lip Mag

Never Nothing

hearing a minor commotion I turn around. father is berating the young boy about 6yo. the commotion keeps going and I’m not the only one noticing. same question being repeated. over and over and over. no response, none wanted. my heart begins to pound; intuition. recognising and fearing the worst. the boy raised by his wrists to where eyes meet then pushing him down with a thud. again the question. again raising the child. again pushing him down. womyn –  mother,  wife -stood there. head bowed saying and doing nothing. abuse must run in the family. I couldn’t take it any more. enough! car door slams. marching up to the wire fence. hands clenched. fury.

Oiy you! what the hell do you think you’re doing? you don’t treat a child like that!

voice projection worked well. he heard loud and clear. walking up to where I was he stood before me. with rail line and wire fence between us. he listens dutifully with hands clasped in front like a ‘good’ child; condescending bastard. all my energy used to calm my fury. reason. empathise, knowing how frustrating children can be. the need to detach from the situation and calm down. over and over it said. conversation becoming circular. can  do  no more. I go on my way. rest of the night wondering if the abuse continued. or got worse out of the public gaze. it’s always a concern whether speaking up is the right thing. the alternative is to do nothing. nothing is never acceptable. we have to give a shit. and he was challenged.


Lost Innocence (senryu)

Atmosphere changing

heat of G20 rising all around

innocence lost




A war cry
Battle to the death
Neither retreating
A friendship erased in a breath


The vanquished
A fool
To consider she would heel
To mistake her vulnerability
For weakness is surreal


The battlefield is power
She stands her ground
Ne’er more sure and determined
Is where her strength can be found


The Womyn stands in her power




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