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A Gift

Bury the sublime
The unparalleled emotion
Of soaring freedom
All but ephemeral
In its addictive sweetness
Bury it deep
So as not to dwell
On what is no longer
Where it can be kept safe
Indebted to the universe
Our paths crossed
I can savour the all consuming joy
In a heartbeat
The connection never ceases
I soar in the sublime.

Let’s Go Home

Conversations of the other shoppers
ebb away
I notice
your long sleek black hair
falling over your tanned bare shoulders,
your hands
pressed against the cold glass refrigerator door
bearing the weight of your day,
your eyes searching
for more than just your favourite wine
for release, peace.
catch my reflection in the glass
transfixed by your prostrated body,
you know that look
of rising desire
and heat,
you no longer want wine
but sweet release
I walk toward you with clear intent
assured you are waiting,
“Let’s go home”

Lemon Tarts


Opinions of two lemons 
1cup of autism
Pinch of love
200mls of domineering childhood
Season well with inconsideration
Mix all the above with two scrambled egg heads

Set the oven to my way or the highway
Cook until temperatures rise and set
Allow to cool overnight


Persistent Desire

     Up against a wall
     Quiet and alone,
Your body
A breath away.
     My eyes slowly tracing
     your smooth
           dark hair,
every line and dimple on your face,
the curve of your neck.

Taking my time
I trace the thin straps of your
     delicate satin chemise
down over your breasts.
     I notice your breathing change
           deepening with each breath drawn.
I wonder about the softness of your
    bare breasts and
           satisfying your building desire

You before me
     yielding in anticipation
your eyes challenge me;
     wanting my attention
          my hands, my mouth.
I think I will make you wait
     Till I slip your straps


What Was

Unable to move forward

The torment of second hand love

Crushing the spirit

Losing identity, losing me

The break had to be severing, complete

Distance an empowering healer not understood by all


The hurt experienced so far nothing in comparison

To the gut wrenching pain to come

Reliving the cruelty

Tears spontaneously fall

Sadness etched on skin

Days and then into weeks

Relief forsaken



Infecting life with a despondency inescapable


At the moment of breaking

In the quiet

I reconnect and accept me

Recovery and reclaiming begins

Realising that distance was not to allow space to detach from feeling

But to embrace the pain and allow myself to grieve for what was lost


I see her

I see her 
Socially awkward 
Feeling vulnerable 
Still I put myself out there without hesitation 
No thinking involved just (re)action
A smile conveys genuine affection words cannot
Socially fragile 
I stand before her
My mind is racing with anxiety 
What should I say now? 
What can be said? 
She breaks the impasse handing me a flyer 
Caution in her hard eyes
Socially closed 
Alright time to go 


The Shadow of my Sorrow

In the shadow of my sorrow 
     I wander aimlessly caressing 
     the loving echo of your memory
            your laughter, your scent

holding in my arms of remorse
a hard but necessary decision
     I swaddle you in tenderness 

light emanates for a sweet moment 
before my arms grow heavy and 
     I return to the shadow



It makes me smile
Watching her wrap her hair around and around
A dread-lock bun all self contained
An amazing feat in her fairy wings and crown

It makes me smile
Her floating next to me playing chickoo
Someone pure of heart a hippie, don’t tell
A free spirit but only when the sea is blue

It makes me smile
To see her wearing an orange shiny skirt
It gives her an added feminine edge
From the usual sleeveless flannel shirt

She makes me smile
For all eternity



The anxiety begins to build
Prying questions
Insisting on opening me up
Without permission
Feeling trapped
A nervous laugh
Hoping to deflect attention
Provide space to breath
To cope
I don’t want to answer
Being forced to choose
Pushed into a corner
I can’t speak of
The tears just under
My skin
Running through my veins
Arresting my heart
Lying is easy
Moving forward


She has gone

The heart knows no resolution
There is no sojourn for love
No convenient end
To loving her
Love becomes entwined with grief and sorrow
Forming a strong rope of emotion
Tugging on my heart
Reminding me
She has gone



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