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Squealing fat rat
Allured by fruit sweet pickings
Unaware baring k9’s

The Darkness

the fear never leaves
the darkness lives deep within
a silent witness to your life
patiently lying in wait
for the right moment

like a gun
the trigger is flicked
and the darkness becomes
a smothering helplessness
panic rising
mind racing
fear takes control
soundless whimpering
of one separated, isolated and

don’t open the door!
keep the door locked
stay safe
fear is on the other side
intuition screams
malevolent intentions

light the only savior
the switch flicked
by another unsuspecting
devine grace of their actions
the darkness retreats
like fire shoved at a hungry wolf
creeping back in to the deep of
your psyche



An unkind phrase
A judgment handed down
To another viewed as inferior
All of us are porters in our own lives
No one escapes carrying their load
Some stop and open the case
To find out what’s inside, what makes us tick
Makes us do what we do
Why we hurt others, ourselves
What we find can be tearfully childlike
And some catch a glimpse and slam the case shut
Never to be opened again
Pretense allows us to hide from our infant fears
While others can’t fathom the complexity
When all is unpacked and known
Is expecting forgiveness permitted?
No judgment today the court is adjourned
As compassion is a porters best quality in defence.



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