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Let’s Go Home

Conversations of the other shoppers
ebb away
I notice
your long sleek black hair
falling over your tanned bare shoulders,
your hands
pressed against the cold glass refrigerator door
bearing the weight of your day,
your eyes searching
for more than just your favourite wine
for release, peace.
catch my reflection in the glass
transfixed by your prostrated body,
you know that look
of rising desire
and heat,
you no longer want wine
but sweet release
I walk toward you with clear intent
assured you are waiting,
“Let’s go home”

Persistent Desire

     Up against a wall
     Quiet and alone,
Your body
A breath away.
     My eyes slowly tracing
     your smooth
           dark hair,
every line and dimple on your face,
the curve of your neck.

Taking my time
I trace the thin straps of your
     delicate satin chemise
down over your breasts.
     I notice your breathing change
           deepening with each breath drawn.
I wonder about the softness of your
    bare breasts and
           satisfying your building desire

You before me
     yielding in anticipation
your eyes challenge me;
     wanting my attention
          my hands, my mouth.
I think I will make you wait
     Till I slip your straps


Drowning Deeply

My legs over her legs
Our bodies
In a passionate struggle
To get nearer and nearer
The heat of our groins
Warmer and warmer
Our hips sliding against
Each other in a fluid motion
Of our arousal

Our mouths
Find each other
In the dark
Our tongues
In their wanting
Pushing deeper and harder

Hands moving over rise and fall
Seeking intimacy with flesh
My hand
Between our bodies
Parting her soft inner thighs
Fingers drowning deeply 

My fingers
Her hips
Moving in rhythm
Taking her
Over, and over again
Sweet muted moans

Holding each other
Her foot reaches out
To touch mine
Like a kiss




Skin glistening with sweat
Beads of perspiration rolling
over her smooth breasts
Trickling down to the very tip
of her nipple
Holding there for that one second
Before dripping
onto my body lying underneath her
In full submissiveness

She pants softly
Her long dark hair falls in front of her face
Some strands stuck against her wet cheek
Her eyes are as perfect as her areola’s
big and full of desire

She pins my hands
Above my head
I feel deliciously exposed
I have the power to entice
Presenting my vulnerable nakedness for the taking

She slowly rocks back and forth
on all fours
Ready to take me again
She asks not for permission
that was given over to her earlier

Her eyes slowly trace
the curves of my body
I feel the sexual tension
& building
My body writhes in response
Wanting her
My cunt aches
Wanting her

Her sexual power
teases me
Unbearable wanting
I break
I beg
Fuck me now!




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