So much richness on my Reader, so little time

I don’t sit down long enough to read all the new writings on my Reader page these days. My life has been at a hectic pace the last few months and will continue into the new year breifly. I take a quick glimspe of what everyone is saying but what I’m reading  is priceless which only encourages me more to make time, like now, to stop read and attempt to write myself. 

I wish everyone love and happiness over the holidays. 🙂


3 responses

  1. Ugh! Same here. But I force myself to sneak a peek, here and there. He, he, he. At stop lights while driving to and from work. 😛 (Shhh. I know. Nad me.) During 15 min. breaks and 45 min. lunches. I leave the writing for stolen time from slumber between 2 and 3 in the morning. 😴

    1. Wow you fit a lot in your day Oscar. I don’t dare attempt to read in the car I’m a bit of a classic Lucille Ball comedic take just trying to hook up my iPhone to play music. I can tell you the horns on Bris Vegas cars work very well :))

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