A promise made

With all sincerity

Too long ago to remember

Then with a gush all is released

Not realising

The news too shocking

The pieces of the puzzle fitting together

Called to account

In a heated damning exchange

An ethical dilemma

A promise is a promise

If based on a foundation of deceit

No matter how small or trivial

Made to feel shame or guilt

Is a coercive measure

An attempt to co-opt

Part ownership in the deception

The ethics are very clear

Deception is unethical

Intimidation to silence is unethical

Entrapment is unethical

The moral compass of the accuser is askew

Not recognising the violence in their actions

In an attempt to hide their deception

Go to hell!



2 responses

  1. Nice poem. I liked it a lot!
    Check out:

    1. Thank you Élan 🙂

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