World at War (haiku + commentary)

Man hasn’t evolved
Primal thirst for blood still there
The world is at war.
American police militarised, tanks and weapons aimed at citizens;
black and unarmed easy targets, easy excuses for those prejudiced.
IS political group a wanna be Islamic state slaughter innocent Syrians;
no more in the name of Allah than the Taliban oppressors.
Israel’s genocidal intentions target children no remorse, no cease fire;
buttressed by the notion of a war on terror and those who supply the arms.
MH17 wrong plane, wrong time, wrong place;
murderous Ukraine actions sanctioned by international law.
The madness isn’t just somewhere else.


Australian government blue ties applaud;
You have a right to be a bigot, it’s our foreign policy
Racial vilification is a freedom of speech not! discriminaton
Womyn’s fertility rights are cancer forming
Homosexuality is putrid like smoking
The poor don’t need to drive, Joe can prove it
Yesterdays entitlement is over tomorrows privilege has begun
Don’t talk about global warming focus on global cold
VLAD law erases our civil rights our liberty.


Some days I feel what is going on around the world and here at home too much to cope with, the violence, hatred and deceit is overwhelming. I feel completely powerless to stop what is happening. I want to turn every portal off that would inform me of world affairs, I want to cocoon myself creating a safe happy sterile world where nothing harmful can touch me. It would be very easy to do this and completely understandable, however it would also be a cop out.  To be able to block the madness out is a privilege those who endure the violence simply don’t have. To cocoon would be to say I don’t care, don’t give a damn about you or how you feel, how I feel is far more important. This may sound somewhat simplistic but it’s the reality. So I keep listening and watching and feeling the pain for those I will never meet and I will keep voicing my thoughts to add to a growing global concern.


2 responses

  1. Great post my friend. I have tried to disconnect, but no matter how hard I have tried I just can’t seem to do it with all of the injustices in this world. It looks like we will have to keep writing about it and maybe change a mind or two along the way. I guess that is all we can hope for.

  2. Thank you Dom for you kind words of support 🙂 Our numbers grow as does our voices.

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